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Named GDPR Company of the Year in 2019, to the RegTech Power 50 in 2020 and to the RegTech100 for 2021, Keepabl's award-winning SaaS Solution is an intuitive GDPR framework, showing you exactly where you are on GDPR and next steps, instantly creating GDPR KPIs and reports, and optimising ongoing compliance and working with your team and trusted advisers.

We know that demonstrating your GDPR status to internal and external stakeholders is key in the Trust Economy so we've great reporting and tailored access control. And do check out Privacy Kitchen's free video help on all things Privacy (privacykitchen.tv/videos), for all those dealing with GDPR for their organisation, filled with practical, operational tips.

London, London

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Demonstrate Privacy compliance to the Board and auditors, and win customers’ trust, with Keepabl’s award-winning SaaS