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Kore.ai Inc.


Kore.ai is a market-leading conversational AI and digital UX technology partner for Global 2000 companies.

It provides conversational AI and digital UX-rich virtual assistants, designed specifically for enterprises, for a diverse range of use cases across industries for engaging customers, employees, and partners. Its end-to-end, comprehensive Virtual Assistant Platform serves as a secure foundation for enterprises to design, build, test, host, and deploy AI-rich virtual assistants across 30+ different digital and voice channels.

Kore.ai also offers specialized solutions focused on Enterprise Virtual Assistant, Retail Banking Services, HR, IT Helpdesk, and Customer Support services. Kore.ai partners with top ISVs and global system integrators for helping companies meet their digital transformation needs.

Orlando, FL

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Fusion Digital Banking
Intelligent Banking Assistant that enhances your mobile and online banking.