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Leeds University


Leeds is among the top ten universities for research power in the UK. Our academic breadth, commitment to quality and determination to make a genuine impact on the world around us enables us to achieve extraordinary results in:

  •  Creating knowledge through research and innovation.
  • Disseminating it through excellent student education.
  • Applying it to make a difference to society, culture and the economy.

We have over 34,000 students, over 7,000 members of staff and a global network of more than 240,000 alumni.

Integrating research and learning and teaching is at the heart of our strategy. Our courses are taught by staff who are engaged in world-class research and cutting-edge professional practice.

We have strong ties with industry, and work with organisations of all sizes. Our outstanding entrepreneurial record of commercialising our research has seen us launch more spin-out companies on the AIM stock market than any other UK university.

Leeds, West Yorkshire

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Deep Scenarios – stress scenario data generator
Deep Scenarios – stress scenario data generator
Fusion Risk
Deep Scenarios – synthetic extreme stress scenario data generator