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PayKey is an innovative Fintech company offering a unique platform of embedded banking solutions for banks and financial institutions. PayKey’s platform offers fully white-label solutions allowing banks to serve a variety of financial services from payments and loans to investments, savings, salary on-demand, and more - all within customers’ daily interactions. The company’s patented Banking Keyboard solution enables bank customers to instantly access banking services within everyday mobile interactions in all social & messaging, e-commerce, search, and other mobile apps. With PayKey’s Earned Wage Access solution, customers can instantly access their already earned wages on-demand, before payday, increasing liquidity and financial wellbeing.

Tel Aviv

Applications (2)

Earned Wage Access Solution for Banks
Earned Wage Access Solution for Banks
Fusion Essence
Fusion Equation
PayKey strengthens banks’ relationships with employees by offering on-demand access to earned wages, before payday.
Mobile Banking Keyboard
Mobile Banking Keyboard
Fusion Digital Banking
Providing instant access to mobile banking services across all social media and messaging apps.