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 Pipit is a company with a mission – a social mission.

We are not here just for the benefit of our shareholders and stakeholders, but for society. We believe in this so strongly; we have written it into our Articles of Association.

We are a Financial Inclusion company with a mission to help the unbanked/underbanked to be able fully participate in the Digital World. We also want people to feel secure when making an online payment. This benefits the individual and the businesses that are online. As it stands, pretty much all the ways to make a payment online requires a bank account and/or credit/debit card. Not being able to do this due to access to payment facilities or not wanting to because of security or privacy fears excludes that person from fully participating in the online community, which is where much of todays’ lives are lived.

Today businesses are pushing customers towards online by offering them reduced prices. It’s cheaper to do the grocery shopping, buy a train or bus ticket, buy clothes etc online than in-store In the UK, the Financial Inclusion Commission (March 2015) found that the cost of being low income in the UK was £1500 a year. This is the price of not being able to physically or virtually shop around. People can’t shop around, or at all online if they can’t make the payment. Pipit is here to change that.

Wirral, England

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Fusion Essence
B2B global cash collection platform providing technology to Banks and eWallets in emerging markets