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Planto Limited


The greatest financial advice in the world is often very simple. Planto is a personal financial management app that gives millennial simple and actionable financial advice.

When will you be able to purchase your first home? Can you afford further study? How much are you saving every month? What do you need to do to achieve your goal? We are on a mission to simplify personal finances for millennial across Asia!

Planto app delivers personalized insights and allows users to stay on top of their finances, by utilizing in-house developed simulations and account aggregation deployed under bank-grade security and data encryption. We are a team of millennial incubated at the University of Hong Kong Entrepreneurship Center and are supported by Cyberport, as well as an experienced group of investors and advisors from Hong Kong, UK and Canada to help consumers in Hong Kong achieve their life goals.

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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Planto PFM & Personalised Banking Platform
Planto PFM & Personalised Banking Platform
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Creating customer intent with PFM propositions while engaging customers with personalised insights and recommendations