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VeriPark is a global solutions provider enabling financial institutions to become digital leaders with its Intelligent Customer Experience suite. With its main offices located in the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, United States, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, VeriPark is helping financial institutions to enhance their customer acquisition, retention and cross-sell capabilities by providing proven, secure and scalable Customer Relationship Management, Omni-Channel Delivery, Branch Automation, Loan Origination, Next Best Action (leveraging the power of Azure machine learning) solutions. VeriPark works collaboratively with clients to develop innovative technology strategies and solutions, which touch millions of people every day, and bring the promise of digital transformation to life.

With the help of VeriPark's end-to-end seamless customer experience solutions, businesses get the chance to drive more engaging interactions with their customers or partners by capturing their needs, gaining personalized insights, and placing customers at the core of their digital transformation and innovation. VeriPark's solutions also enable businesses to:

  • enhance and automate customer services across assisted and digital channels
  • increase wallet share
  • satisfy customers with timely and relevant offers
  • turn up cross-sell and up-sell ratios
  • empower their employees with a holistic Unified Front End and 360 Single View of the Customer.
London, Canary Wharf

Applications (2)

Client Enrollment for SME & Corporate Banking
Client Enrollment for SME & Corporate Banking
Fusion Corporate Channels
Providing a guided process for onboarding new clients on assisted channels.
VeriLoan - Loan Origination Solution
VeriLoan - Loan Origination Solution
Fusion Loan IQ
Omni-channel, omni-product loan origination solution for Retail, Corporate & Commercial Banking