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bizAmica Software Pvt. Ltd.


bizAmica founded in 2018, is focused on powering businesses with AI for scaling their business based on our globally recognized products izDOX AI platform and SMART BOTs suitable across domains. Due to our deep technology and domain expertise, bizAmica provides cloud agnostic, secured AI platform for go no-go business decisions. Providing data privacy and security is paramount to us and is part of our organization culture.

The companies across industries having back office operations are moving towards automation. These back office operations cannot be scaled without AI and automation for faster decision making and to improve end user experience. bizAmica leverages its AI Platform to provide cloud agnostic, secured software solutions for business scalability due to faster decision making, ease of operations, improved efficiency and significant reduction in processing time.

bizAmica won a prestigious award TiE50 given by TiE Silicon Valley in 2020. bizAmica graduated from TiE Accelerator Growth Program in 2020 and was awarded in Top 5 Start-ups in Pune-Connect 2019.

Pune, Maharashtra

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izDOX AI Platform
izDOX AI Platform
Fusion Equation
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