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EGAR NoCode Structured Products and Digital Assets

EGAR Global

Treasury & Capital Markets
Investment Management
Enterprise Risk
From structuring to sales to risk, EGAR NoCode makes onboarding and managing complex products seamless.


Simplify Working with Complex, new asset classes and products

With NoCode SPDA, we’ve leveraged no-code to allow clients to easily maintain and build new product types, create custom workflows, output PDF (or MS Office/XML) term sheets, and distribute them across channels. Now you can focus on finance and risk management while minimizing resource allocation on maintaining pricing models, executing compliance/legal workflows, issuing client documents, and more.

Our system is product agnostic, so it can support any new product classes and types, with the ability to interface with your existing systems.
With seamless, framework-based integration with your execution platform and data feeds, EGAR NoCode simplifies dealing in alternative and complex asset types, allowing you to desilo models and market data as needed to help you deal with products that don’t neatly fall into a traditional business unit or trade desk at your firm.

Key Features:

  • Structure products and add new asset classes without code
  • Support for external libraries (QuantLib and proprietary)
  • Support for scripting on different languages (Python, R, Matlab, C#, etc.)
  • Documents and Term Sheet generation
  • Embed products into Front-Office systems
  • Seamless, simultaneous execution

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