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Fincom.co's AML screening

Phonemix LTD

Compliance Screening
Better Compliance with lower Operational Costs
Compliance Screening
Better Compliance with lower Operational Costs


Fincom.co’s advanced “Phonetic Fingerprint” technology, will enable you to quickly trace any Entity by Name Pronunciation or “Name-Sound”, based on a single mathematical representation. The resulted “exact name matching” will improve and lower significantly your operational costs and prevent unnecessary fines, whilst increasing reliability and maintain your reputation.


Ongoing monitoring automation (RPA)

On Fincom.co's advanced platform, on any alert verification, all potential flags, (similar phonetic Entities, other Entity Attributes) are saved in the systems' database for ongoing verification, thus eliminating the risks of whitelisting of alerted entities. This automation method leads to over 30% savings in the HR operational costs, as well as support rapid growth in volume of transactions / customers.



·       Accurate Name Matching - Patented “Phonetic Fingerprint” technology.

·       Filter False Positives - Proprietary AI/ML engines.

·       Prevent Missed-Hits (FN) - Advanced Phonetics + Computational Linguistics.

·       Adjustable Filtering Thresholds - Phonetic threshold + Name-Distance threshold.

·       Automatic Resolution of Alerts - ML Trend Analysis. 

·       Effectiveness & Efficiency - Advanced ‘Name Understanding’ AI’. 

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