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IN-D PayGen

eMulya Fintech Pte Ltd

Payment Initiation Services
Automate payment processing by converting incoming paper-based payment initiation requests to SWIFT messages


IN-D PayGen application leverages IN-D.AI’s AI engine that understands documents and images, extracts data and synthesize it into actionable information.

For most financial institutions (FIs) paper or fax-based based payment initiations requires manual processing of requests, which is a slow, expensive and error prone process. IN-D PayGen using the IN-D core engine converts an incoming paper-based payment initiation requests to a SWIFT message with high accuracy. The IN-D PayGen understands various payment initiation requests, independent of templates and formats,. Training on new templates and formats is a zero-code process leveraging IN-D machine learning (ML) based self-learning capability. This ensures a quick deployment at minimal cost. This will ensure the FIs are able to give their end customers a superior customer experience while reducing processing risks and costs. 

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Fusion Global Pay Plus
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