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PRISM is a distributed computing framework specialized in financial risk calculation


PRISM, a solution created by Fintops, supports risk calculations using cloud technologies that could greatly reduce costs, increase speed and help with the compliance of regulations such as the FRTB.

What is really innovative about PRISM is that this solution adapts to legacy bank systems allowing to optimize and compute intensive calculations.

PRISM's application ranges from the valuation of market operations by position to the generation and maintenance of market data. Ranging, from market & regulatory risks to the aggregation of results and the management of non-regression stress campaigns, all this by combining automated risk calculations, advanced data encryption technology and smart cloud distribution.

Key features:

  • Support for FRTB SA
  • Support for a full complement of market risk and FRTB measures
  • Configurable workflow
  • Measure market and credit risk
  • Able to conduct scenario and "what if" analysis

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