Fusion Dixibot powered by Kore.AI

Author: Finastra

Consumer Banking ChatBots

Fusion Dixibot is a conversational AI banking solution for banks to act as a self-service virtual assistant.

It reduces the cost for banks by moving customers away from channels like in-branch and call centers.

Fusion Dixibot is built using Kore.AI, that provides:

1) Ease of use, quicker banking for your clients 
2) Seamless integration
3) Easy to use, no code/low code configuration
4) Human-like Interactions with Robust NLP and NLU capabilities

It is an App that can be downloaded on mobile phones, directed at the customers of banks.

The app has out-of-the-box API integrations with Fusion Equation
Fusion Dixibot supports the following capabilities for the bank’s customer:
•Account enquiry – list all accounts
•Balance enquiry – for all / each account (s)
•Transaction enquiry for a specific account
•Transaction enquiry for a specific period
•Expenses (in an account) for a period

Bank customizations and app management are available through the Kore.ai admin dashboard:
•Viewing queries and tweaking responses
•Expanding keywords and utterances
•Enabling or disabling of features