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Detech Decision Technologies Ltd


Detech Decision Technologies Ltd has been an early adopter of optimization-based decision technology in finance. Detech Optimizer is a ready-made decision support tool for strategic asset and liability management and enterprise-wide risk management.

It enables the management to create strategies based on their business goals and priorities and provides the top executives with a holistic view of the financial standing of the company. The optimized and dynamic strategies prepare institutions for multiple future economic and financial market scenarios simultaneously. Efficient balance sheet management has become increasingly important for companies in the current operating environment, forcing them to find new ways for improving performance.

For this reason, forward-looking decision-making tools have become a necessity. Detech`s mission is to help financial institutions to ensure their financial stability and success in increasingly volatile market environments. This has become vital with the current COVID-19 crisis. Detech Optimizer enables institutions to achieve better financial performance and other management goals under uncertainty. Our state-of-the-art optimization software delivers optimal ALM action plans by dynamically optimizing future scenarios, management goals, regulations and balance sheet, simultaneously. With Detech Optimizer, the management is able to analyze trade-offs between business goals, update their strategies in seconds and take the optimal course of action.

London, England

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Detech Optimizer
Detech Optimizer
Fusion Risk
Dynamic optimization solution for strategic ALM and risk management in financial institutions and groups.