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Enigio Time AB


Enigio is a technology company founded in Stockholm in 2012 and consists of an experienced team of businesspeople, senior developers, and researchers. The team has a long history in financial services as well as in archival science, cryptography, and technology.

The company is passionate about offering solutions to ensure consistency, integrity, and traceability of digital information in space and time making data available only to those who should have access to it and protecting it from manipulation. trace:original, Enigio’s core offering, is freely transferrable digital original documents.

It has the same functionality and properties as paper documents but enables faster, safer and significantly more cost-efficient management. Other solutions include: time:beat - to timestamp digital files of all types. With time:beat, it is possible to prove when the files were created and that they have not changed since then. e:archiver - to easily archive files in a future proof format, with powerful metadata handling and search options. Please visit our website for further details.

Stockholm, Stockholm County

Applications (1)

Fusion Trade Innovation
Digitize and manage negotiable instruments and documents of title without the need for a central registry.