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Helping your financial institution attract, engage, and de-risk account holders.

Monotto is white label platform which sits natively inside of existing banking application to provide account holders with goal oriented savings. These micro me2me savings transfer small amounts towards their goal in a automated and frictionless process. Monotto is targeting regional banks and credit unions with their offering - as personalization is a key part of their business but it has yet to fully manifested in the digital realm.

These institutions are having difficulties keeping pace with their mobile and online technology driven by the unbundling of banks. This platform is built by millennials for millennials - but anyone can use it. The bank receives an increase in deposit retention, analytics behind account holders future preferences and the capability to cross-sell offerings.


Applications (2)

Fusion Digital Banking
Increase deposits and user engagement through automated savings
Coming Soon
RoboSwitch powered by ClickSwitch
RoboSwitch powered by ClickSwitch
RoboSwitch give the user the power to switch direct deposits and payments from their old bank to their new one.