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Planto PFM & Personalised Banking Platform


Digital & Retail Banking
Financial Wellness
Creating customer intent with PFM propositions while engaging customers with personalised insights and recommendations
Digital & Retail Banking
Financial Wellness
Creating customer intent with PFM propositions while engaging customers with personalised insights and recommendations

Planto’s personalised banking platform enables financial institutions to offer data and AI driven propositions. The goal is to solve consumer pain points by offering a compelling user experience to manage their finances & achieving their financial goals with personalized reports, insights, recommendations & banking propositions. Financial Institutions are also able to transform their transactional digital banking application into an engaging banking application to reduce customer cost of acquisition, increase digital engagement and Net Promoter Score.

The pandemic increased the customer preference for digital: as digital becomes the primarily channel of interaction between banks and consumers, banks need to identify ways to engage with customers digitally & build loyalty​. Customers expect their digital banks to offer them value propositions that solve their pain points instead of just offering standard banking products online​, this creates an Open Banking competition to retain and get more data about their customers​.

Out of the box application

Use personalization, budgeting, and financial planning capabilities to avoid disintermediation. Increase your banking app engagement and leverage your data assets effectively, to create moments of cross-selling via these personal finance management propositions instead of paying high commissions to aggregators / non-banking budgeting tools​ which costs have rose recently.

Integrated platform

Simplifies the way personalized recommendations are orchestrated on your banking app without involvement of IT. With state-of-the-art UI to enable banks’ marketing / digital / business teams to orchestrate personalized recommendations at scale​. This avoids mass marketing / mass push notifications that don’t usually lead to high cross selling among existing customers.

A pre-built integration

Banking propositions with pre-built integration with Finastra core banking systems to ease implementation and expedite time to market​.

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How it works

Planto’s personalised banking platform is a modular platform that enables financial institutions to launch banking propositions that proactively help users get insights on their finances and achieve their financial goals. It is pre-integrated with Finastra’s Fusion Essence & Fusion Equation APIs, and is available for both on-premise and off-premise deployment.

AI based data enrichment at scale

An AI based data enrichment engine available as an API that enriches & converts users’ raw financial & transaction data into context & insight for customers. The API adds merchant level context to raw transaction data and recognizes characteristics & insights of the user based on their transaction & financial data. The API is effective in developing personalized insights for users & developing cashflow tracking tools with personalized reports. This engine can be further integrated with relevant systems within the Financial Institution to retrieve users’ transaction feed from their credit / debit card. The data enrichment engine also provides the bank with a model performance SLA with a bi-yearly audit to monitor performance.

White labelled budgeting and personal finance management reports such as expense reports and cashflow trends

The portable packaged code can be integrated into bank applications, branded based on their needs, and customization from Planto engineers is also possible.

White-labelled personal banking propositions

Planto offers financial institutions the ability to launch banking propositions built to help users achieve financial goals using financial automation & gamification. Current offerings include rules based automated saving, rules based automated investing, and salary-based sweeping.

Personalization orchestration back-office tool with pre-developed customer experiences and app SDK

App SDK enables financial institutions to launch a feed of personalized insights and recommendations on their digital banking app for their users. This feed can be orchestrated, customized, and launched by the banks’ marketing / business teams without involvement of technology teams via the personalization back-office tool. The orchestration tool consists of pre-developed insight templates include personalized marketing banners (e.g., credit card offers based on their spending history), personal finance related insights (e.g., budgeting alerts, cashflow alerts, bill payment reminders, etc.) and product recommendation journeys.
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