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Mobile Banking Keyboard

PayKey (Decentralized Mobile Applications Ltd.)

Digital & Retail Banking
Mobile Payments
Providing instant access to mobile banking services across all social media and messaging apps.
Digital & Retail Banking
Mobile Payments
Providing instant access to mobile banking services across all social media and messaging apps.

PayKey provides instant access to mobile banking services within everyday social interactions in any mobile app. The solution allows customers to easily make peer-to-peer (P2P) payments and check account balance all through the mobile keyboard in the flow of daily conversations, making banking services instantly available in all the platforms and apps customers are already using like Facebook Messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp, Instagram, and others - all through a single quick integration.


Banks are losing engagement to Big Tech & Rival Fintech solutions, a report by McKinsey found that Tech giants are set to grab up to 40% of the $1.35 trillion in US financial services revenue from incumbent banks. ​ The shift to embedded banking means banks must engage with customers in their natural environments. Studies show that on average, bank customers spend between 3-23 minutes per month on retail banking apps as opposed to approx. 2 hours on average per day on social media / messaging apps.​ The acceleration of digital transformations alongside a surge in mobile banking, CNBC reported a 200% jump in new mobile banking registrations in April 2020 while a consumer study by Novantas claims only 40% expect to return to branches post-Covid.​

Making banking services instantly available

Financial decisions today take place in conversations on social & messaging apps, this may be purchasing items, ordering food, going on vacation or making larger financial decisions like buying a car or investing in stocks. PayKey’s patented solution brings banking services to where these financial decisions happen.

A single quick integration

Within just weeks the bank’s services get available across all apps, and customers can enjoy instant access to financial services in all the apps they’re already using including Facebook Messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp, Instagram & others. No integration per platform needed as PayKey’s keyboard is a “one fits all” solution.

A channel owned by the bank

The solution is white-labeled to feature the bank’s brand while keeping all data privacy & security fully intact by serving as a gateway to the existing banking app, no data provided to 3rd parties.

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How it works

A typical implementation projects with PayKey’s banking keyboard consists of the following steps: scope of work definition (1-2 weeks), SDK Development (2 Weeks), SDK Integration (2-4 weeks) and product launch.

Embedded in the everyday life

PayKey’s solution enables banks to embed their financial services into their customers’ daily mobile interactions, giving instant access to services through the mobile keyboard in any app.

Upgraded keyboard experience

PayKey’s patented solution combines a state-of-the-art mobile keyboard, featuring typing functionality and engaging features, alongside the bank’s financial services for an upgraded keyboard experience.

Various features

The banking keyboard provides instant access to a range of services like P2P payments, checking account information, cardless cash withdrawals, loan request, and more.

Seamless integration

The solution integrates with the bank’s mobile app via an SDK, and utilizes Finastra’s existing APIs without any backend integration, keeping all security standards intact.
How it works

How it looks

Boost Customer Engagement with Mobile Banking

By providing instant access straight from the mobile keyboard. Show less

Simple Integration with Any Mobile App

With a simple integration your banking service become available in any mobile app: messages, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Show less

View Account info and Transfer Funds

Customers can now view account info and transfer funds – all with a few taps in the keyboard. Show less

Fully Private and Secure

Using the banks authentication methods and security password. Show less

Keeping Customer Engaged

With a great typing experience and gamified features including GIFs, stickers, and themes. Show less
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Boost Customer Engagement with Mobile BankingSimple Integration with Any Mobile AppView Account info and Transfer FundsFully Private and SecureKeeping Customer Engaged

Boost Customer Engagement with Mobile Banking

By providing instant access straight from the mobile keyboard.


Mobile Banking Keyboard
Mobile Banking Keyboard